Facebook Set To Add ‘Photo Magic’ To Its’ Messenger App


(PCM) Who doesn’t love sharing photos with friends and family via Facebook, especially around the holiday season? Facebook has now revealed that they are going to be making it easier than ever to share photos with friends and family with the addition of a new feature called ‘Photo Magic’ in their messenger app. ‘Photo Magic’ has the ability to automatically address a message so it can be sent quickly to Facebook friends identified in a picture. It works the same way as the image-recognition technology that the featured on Facebook already that attached people’s names to Facebook posts. It will make things a lot easier for users to quickly send photos to the friends and family featured in the shots using the messenger app directly. ‘Photo Magic’ has already begun rolling out to users who install the latest messenger app update on their smartphones and it will be up to the users discretion as to whether or not they wish to activate ‘Photo Magic’ on their devices. The feature has the ability to be turned off and on when appropriate. When it is activated ‘Photo Magic’ technology will scan the photo to see if any of the users Facebook friends are featured in the image. If some are found then it will prompt the user to send that particular photo to those individuals automatically. Currently, about 9.5 billion images are shared through Facebook’s messenger app and it is the company’s hope that through the ease of  using ‘Photo Magic’ that number will continue to grow. Another change to the messenger app that will be included within the current update will allow users to change the colors of their exchanges with different friends, and switch the formal name of a recipient to a nickname, such as “mom” or “dad.”