Facebook Receives Criticism For New “Ask” Button


(PCM) Well, it appears that the days of stalking someone’s Facebook page to find out their information such as relationship status, hometown, schooling, etc is long gone. In an unannounced update, Facebook has introduced a new “Ask” button to the pages of its’ users. With the “Ask” button, a users friends and followers must now ask them about their relationship status, their phone number, or where they reside, as it will no longer be displayed directly on the page. Friends and followers will also have the ability to ask about any other information that the user has not allowed to be publicly displayed on the page. Critics are claiming that by using the “Ask” button, users are then sharing private information with Facebook, which they can then use for marketing purposes. Critics also claim that asking someone about their relationship status via the button will come across as being a bit creepy and invasive. Others are happy about the new button claiming to feel a bit safer now that their personal details are not publicly displayed and would rather have friends ask about those details, that way the user can pick and choose with whom they feel comfortable sharing that information. Facebook has yet to release any official comment about the addition of the new “Ask” button.