Facebook ‘Friend’ Suggestion Leads to Bigamy Charge

Corrections officer Alan O’Neill of Washington State was charged with bigamy after his first wife reported him to authorities. O’Neill’s first wife noticed a Facebook¬† ‘friend’ suggestion in the “People You May Know” section. When she clicked on the suggested woman’s page, she saw a picture of the woman and her husband and a wedding cake. The woman’s husband just happened to also be the first wife’s husband. Oops. O’Neill, then known as Alan Fulk, and his first wife were married in 2001, and he moved out in 2009. Fulk changed his name in 2010, and married his second wife in 2011. He neglected to divorce wife #1 first. Wife # 1 contacted her not-so-former mother-in law. O’Neill allegedly told his first wife not to tell anyone, and that he’d fix it. Instead, she alerted authorities. The Pierce County correctional officer has been placed on administrative leave. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail. A word to the wise: When ‘friending’ people on Facebook, make sure they won’t blow your cover…unless you’re looking to add some sister wives.