Everyone Is Stumped On Kindergarten Homework Assignment Question

(PCM) Everyone appears to be stumped over a question found on a kindergartner’s homework assignment that truly makes no logical sense at all. If anyone can figure out the logic behind this one, please enlighten us! Royce Winnick, a New York mom, recently posted an image of her five-year daughter’s homework assignment sheet with the confusing question which no one online could see to answer. The sheet was meant to help children learn the letter of the alphabet, which one this particular handout, spotlighted the letter “T”. Here’s where it starts to get odd. The handout asked the children to “tap out the word in the picture and write the sounds you hear.”

Makes no sense, right? Well, it gets even better! Every picture on the handout featured an image of something that begins with the letter “T” such as “tub” and the number “ten”,  but then at the bottom there was a picture of bunny rabbits outside of a cage. Now what in the world would start with the letter “T” to describe that image? Winnick couldn’t figured it out and neither could anyone else.  When she shared the image on Facebook many thought it could have been “Troupe” or “Twany” but those are very big words for a kindergartner to know. Her daughter eventually went with the word “pet” to which the teacher graded and “ok” next to the answer. We think even the teacher didn’t know what it was supposed to represent either, but according to Winnick, when she asked the teacher said the correct answer was “vet”! Seriously! First off, “vet”doesn’t even start with the letter “T” and it certainly doesn’t even begin to describe the image pictured. Are you just as baffled as we are?