Everyone Is Mesmerized By Weather Channel Clam Video

(PCM) While the words “squirting” and “clam” could be taken in a completely different context, everyone is still mesmerized by a recent video posted by The Weather Channel that shows a “squirting” and “digging” clam burrowing itself in the sand. It is definitely one of the oddest things we have ever seen and once it has been seen, it is one of the videos that can never be unseen!

The video has been viewed over 15 million times and the view count continues to grow! To think about these clams actually living just under the surface of the sand on the beach almost makes us want to rethink taking that romantic stroll at the shore!

Many people have commented on the bizarre video and it has been determined that this particular clam is a┬áPacific razor clam. While this is completely normal behavior for the clam it still gives us the heebie jeebies watch it ….Ew! Just watching that sand and water shoot out of it … no thanks! Clams casino anyone?