Everyone Agrees That This Political Ad Is The Best Of Election Season


(PCM) For once both Republicans and Democrats can agree that this re-election ad for Republican Gerald Daugherty for the position of Travis County commissioner in Texas is the best they’ve ever seen. It is absolutely hilarious and Daugherty’s wife Charlyn completely steals the show! Gerald Daugherty is the current commissioner of Travis County and he would very much like to stay in his current position. When viewing the video we also learn that his wife Charlyn also, REALLY, REALLY wants him to keep his position as well! She hilariously shows just what life would consist of by having him stuck around the house all day long. It is about time that we see someone making light of election season and whoever put together this ad is nothing short of pure genius. We think rather than candidates slinging mud at one another in political ad’s we need to see more candidates taking the higher road approach and adding a bit of humor and raw honesty. Those types of ads are certainly way more memorable, so major props to the Gerald Daugherty campaign for a smash hit!