Which Singular Ordinary Words Would Make A Perfect First Name?


(PCM) Browsing around we recently discovered a fairly interesting thread on Reddit that asked users to pick singular ordinary words that would make both a great and unique first name. Many of the answers were absolutely hilarious and included various spices, flowers, and of course animals. We have complied a list of a few that we like the best and of course we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below with any names you think would really stand-out! 1. Meridian 2. Perhaps 3. Clove 4. Oleander 5. The (followed by a super cool last name) 6. Fox 7.Samara 8. Dash 9. City 10. Pear 11. Ethereal 12. Memory 13.Atlas 14.Ember 15. Rhapsody 16. Journey 17. Misery 18. Infinity 19. Stone 20. Treasure