Evelyne Axell’s “Ice Cream” Deemed Too Suggestive For Facebook?


(PCM) Now this is just ridiculous Facebook! It seems that the 1964 painting by Belgian artist Evelyne Axell titled “Ice Cream” has been deemed too suggestive for Facebook, as it contains ‘excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content.’ We can definitely vouch for saying we have seen a lot worse than this on Facebook!

An image of the painting was posted to the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Facebook page, however it was removed several hours later after Facebook decided it violated certain decency standards. The Philadelphia Museum of Art then reposted the image with the following message:
We recently posted this picture on Facebook, but it was removed by Facebook for “containing excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content.”“Ice Cream” (1964) was painted by Evelyne Axell, one of the first female Pop artists. Her work can be understood as a critique of mainstream Pop Art, in which women were often depicted as passive, decorative objects. In contrast, Axell sought to depict active, confident women who pursue satisfaction on their own terms—such as the protagonist of “Ice Cream,” who unabashedly enjoys her dessert. Axell’s provocative paintings challenge artistic conventions while also exhibiting a liberated, playful spirit characteristic of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. “
They then urged fans to start a discussion as to why Facebook felt the need to remove the image in the first place. Many were confused and others thought the situation was hilarious considering the excessive amount of skin seen popping up on various Facebook pages throughout each and every day. What do you think? Is “Ice Cream” too suggestive for Facebook? We think not!