Ebola Costumes Expected To Be Popular This Halloween

Ebola1(PCM) There are always tons of individuals out there with a sick sense of humor, so we are surely expecting Ebola costumes to be a popular choice this Halloween season. The costumes are sure to be controversial and will definitely receive quite a few disapproving stares! ¬†Since, Breaking Bad hazmat suit costumes were all the rage last Halloween many individuals are just planning to reuse the same costume with a few tweaks made to be sure it represents Ebola and not meth. Online retailers are already selling Ebola costumes which feature¬†a containment suit, face shield, mask, safety goggles and gloves. Certainly gives new definition to the most ‘viral’ costume of the year, does it not? While the Ebola costume is pretty tasteless, we are sure there is definitely worse out there! Rumor has it there is a child’s ISIS costume in the works that will even come with a fake machine gun!