Due To Data Security Concerns Both Apple And Google Phones Will Be ‘FBI Proof’


(PCM) Ever since the recent celebgate iCloud hack during which many celebrities discovered nude images of themselves that were stored in their private accounts suddenly released on the web and the credit card security breaches at both Target and Home Depot many cell phone users are concerned about their levels of date security. Both Apple and Google have now announced that they will no longer be unlocking phones even at the request of law enforcement officials. The FBI is not thrilled with the decision of the companies and claims that the FBI is “very concerned’ about the announcement and feels that it in a sense puts phone users “above the law”. Both companies stand by their decision and say that the protection of their customers privacy is their utmost concern. While the announcement does not mean that the FBI cannot still listen in on calls, it just means that they would no longer have access to any type of information that is stored on the phone or device. The FBI is currently in talks with both Apple and Google in an attempt to urge them to rethink their policy. There has been no update on a final decision at this time.