Dream Come True! Morgan Freeman Can Now Voice Your GPS System!


(PCM) Fans have been clamoring for years to get the infamous voice of actor Morgan Freeman to instruct them via GPS and now that dream is a reality, at least for a limited time! Users of the Google social media navigation app Waze can now install the voice of Morgan Freeman to guide them to all their destinations. Waze is offering up Freeman’s voices as part of a marketing tie-in for the upcoming film “London Has Fallen”. In the film, Freeman plays the Vice President of the United States and his GPS instructions speak to the driver as if he or she were the President. After inputting a destination, Vice President Trumbull tells the driver “Let’s roll.” He’ll also tell you when to turn, when to keep an eye out for potholes and construction and when you’ve arrived at your destination. Waze has offered other celebrity guest voices in the past such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and KFC’s Colonel Sanders to name a few. To make Morgan Freeman your GPS voice, open Waze, go to settings, then sound, and then select English (US) — Morgan Freeman.