Dog Pants Debate Takes The Internet By Storm


(PCM) In 2015, it was the huge internet debate over the color of #TheDress, well fast-forward to 2016 and currently, the internet is involved in a stiff debate about just which way a dog would wear their pants. The Facebook page Utopian-Raspberry Modern Oasis Machine (acronym for UR Mom) recently posted a rendered image of a dog wearing pants on four legs and on two legs and asked their fans to debate which would be the correct style. Of course, as in the way of any silly meme, the debate quickly went viral and the results definitely appear to be pointing in the direction that dogs would ultimately wear their pants on two legs, of course. Many individuals who weighed in on the debate began using the hashtag #DogPants and also shared image of their real dogs adorably adorned in pants. What do you think? Four legs or two?