Dissecting The Music Festival: A Chat With Clay Busch VP Of Sponsorship And Marketing For Danny Wimmer Presents


(PCM) Summer is generally everyone’s favorite time of year. It is the time of year when many of us plan our vacations filled with fun times and relaxation. Perhaps your plans include a trip to the beach or maybe some type camping excursion, however if you are anything like us then your summer plans include at least one or two music festivals before it is time to head back to the grind. As fans we head out to a music festival to chill out, relax and have a good time while rocking out with some of our favorite bands. It is a place to escape the reality of day to day life and just let yourself go in the music and atmosphere of the festival environment. We do not always take the time to think about the team and the individuals who spend countless hours putting these festivals together from the inside. Thanks to the wonderful individuals at Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP), we have seen such a massive rise in the amount of solid rock festivals that are taking place in all areas of the country. PCM has been covering rock festivals such as Rock On The Range, Carolina Rebellion, Welcome To Rockville, Louder Than Life, Rock Allegiance, and most recently Chicago Open Air for many years all of which are put together by DWP. It has been truly amazing to watch the growth and expansion of these festivals throughout the years. Rock On The Range celebrated its’ ten year anniversary in 2016 and we are now seeing festivals such as Rock Allegiance, which takes place at Talon Energy Stadium in Chester, PA in September, making the leap from a stellar single day festival to now a much larger scale, multi-day event. While out at Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH, we had an opportunity to catch up with VP of Sponsorship and Marketing for DWP, Mr. Clay Busch to chat about the ways in which the company has expanded their festivals to all areas of the country, what goes into the curating such amazing line-ups, and more. Busch reveals “We are doing a lot more than just putting together rock festivals. We are putting together real, one of a kind destination events and experiences for fans”. He goes on to say, “For example, when you got to Rock Allegiance in the Philadelphia area this fall, you are going to have a true Philadelphia experience.  You are going to get gourmet Man Food Philly-style, you are going to get the who’s who of rock n’ roll, along with an incredible beer experience, incredible beverage experience and that is really what are number one priority is. How do we push the limits to make sure the fans enjoy this. They spend a lot of time and money to travel to these things and it is our responsibility to create the best experience of the year because that could be their only trip. If we don’t do our job in over delivering than we didn’t do our job right.”

After another fantastic year at Carolina Rebellion, Rock On The Range, and Chicago Open Air, we are totally amped for Rock Allegiance!  This year’s line-up features Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Slayer, The Offspring, Volbeat and many, many more! Preview feature here!