Disney Reveals Plans For A Fully Immersive ‘Star Wars’ Hotel

(PCM) Disney has just made the dreams of millions of “Star Wars” fans worldwide come true by revealing their plans to create a fully immersive “Star Wars” themed hotel. When they say fully immersive, they really do mean fully immersive as each guest will actually receive their very own story line which will play out over the course of the entire stay.  The news was announced at the recent D23 expo which took place in downtown Los Angeles. All of the employees, or rather cast members as per Disney speak, will stay completely in character and costume. Disney claims that each guests particular storyline will “touch every single minute of the day” and the hotel setting will be in outer space so all of the windows in the building will only show space scenes and sequences. We think this idea is one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard! The “Star Wars” film franchise has been such a staple throughout the history of pop culture, so allowing fans to have this level of interaction is truly an amazing feat in both technology and hospitality. Disney did not reveal an official date for a planned opening of the hotel as it is currently still in the planning stages. The only thing they did say is that it is planned to be located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida … sorry California Disneyland fans … you may have to wait awhile! h/t Tech Crunch