Disney Begins Fingerprinting Children Three Years And Older At Theme Parks


(PCM) Raising quite a few security and privacy concerns, Disney has revealed that they will now be require fingerprint scanning of all guests including children ages 3 years and older. Adults visiting the Disney Theme parks have had to deal with finger print scanning for the past several years, but what raises concern is that now their children will be required to do the same, as prior, children ages 3-9 were exempt from having their finger scanned. Disney says that the new policy has been put in effect as a way to battle fraud, as people had been trying to cheat the system and sneak more people into the park. The finger print scanners have been put in place at all Disney theme parks and water parks and uses biometric technology which Disney is calling their Ticket Tag Service. For those that are concerned, Disney claims that they do not store any of the finger print information and that once the image of the finger print is scanned it is converted to a number system and the original image is deleted.  Disney is allowing parents who are not comfortable with their young children’s fingers being scanned to use their own finger instead, however doesn’t that seem to defeat the purpose of battle the fraud. Either way, it is definitely stirring up some buzz and many are not happy with Disney’s newly implemented policy.