Did Time Magazine Give Hilary Clinton Horns On Purpose?

Time1(PCM) Everyone who has been following the news lately knows that former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is in some hot water over her recent admission to using her personal email account for work rather than the government-issued one between the years of 2009 and 2013, when she was the Secretary of State. The whole email incident has stirred up quite a bit of a scandal, so it is only natural that after seeing the cover for the upcoming issue of Time Magazine, which features Clinton, that one would question if the publication intentionally gave her what appear to be a set of horns. Many feel that Time did this to in a sense demonize Clinton for the recent email debacle, however the publication claims that “any resemblance to cats, bats, or devil horns is merely coincidental”. ¬†They go on to reveal that this is not the first time that a public figure has been “demonized” on their cover, as the location of the large letter “M” in the logo can unintentionally give the appearance of horns. Clinton is expected to make an announcement about a 2016 presidential run very soon!