The Death of Wolverine

Marvel kills off Wolverine

Marvel kills off Wolverine

(PCM) – The Death of Superman, death of Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman, death of Wolverine? Yes, it’s coming. Does it matter? Only if you like good story telling. No matter if you collect comics or are a ‘speculator’ the issue won’t be worth much as the print run will be so high the glut will make the issue worthless beyond what you read. Still care about this article? Good, then perhaps you like a good story. In this case, ‘back story’. Why kill Wolverine? After all, isn’t the character basically unkillable? Wolverine has had some extremely short visits with death, some could argue he’s died a few times already but it’s never been the focus of a book title and he’s never been dropped from print. He’s always been the victor in battle and over death. That’s the point of the Death of Wolverine series. Witnessing Wolverine win every fight has become tired. It’s time he loses. Some sources indicate Wolverine loses his healing powers, others hint that he meets his match. What isn’t rumor is that the character will experience an introspective moment facing of his mortality and like so many super heroes before him receive his dramatic pause. Who is Wolverine? He’s a Canadian super hero. Virtually immortal with an Adamantium bonded skeleton, quick regenerative healing and he has animal keen senses. His most notable feature is his retractable Adamantium claws which pierce out of his skin from the back of his hands. Introduced in 1974, eventually being revealed as mutant in the Marvel universe Wolverine joins the X-Men. Even his name is multilayered. Wolverine is also known as Logan but his real name is James Howlett. He’s built a steady following becoming one of the most popular superheroes of all time.
Wolverine's First Appearance

Wolverine’s 1st appearance was back in 1974 in The Incredible Hulk # 180

Wolverine’s come a long way from his first appearances in Incredible Hulk # 180 & 181 (each currently valued at over $1,000). His creator Len Wein with John Romita, Sr. created him as an antagonist and antihero in Hulk, but in time he joined the X-Men becoming a fan favorite. September 3rd, 2014 is the release date. Written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. It will be a four part series released over a three month print run. Each individual issue in the series will spotlight Wolverine’s backstory history. Wolverine’s actual demise issue will be September 24th. As for speculation, how long will Wolverine stay dead? Because let’s face it we all know death of super heroes are usually short-lived. Yet in this case because Fox owns the movie rights to all the X-men or more specifically – mutants, some believe this is part of Marvel’s ongoing war to reclaim its properties by minimizing them in print.
Death of Wolverine

Marvel will lead up to Wolverine’s death in the summer 0f 2014.

Could Wolverine’s death be a good long absence? Joe Murray, owner of Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark Delaware supports the possibility, “I’m surprised it took them this long to “kill” him. Generally Marvel kills a character every quarter to boost sales.”   Store owners don’t have crystal balls, but they do have the advantage of historical insight. Joe ads, “Unlike the inevitable return of Peter Parker coinciding with the newest movie, I can’t see anything coming up that will definitely require his return. I’m guessing they (Marvel) will milk it at least a year as they did with Cap.” The year of absence is the general timeline with most every top level super hero with the exception of Batman who was never really killed but sent back in time while the DC universe was rebooted with the New 52 in an effort to make all the characters more accessible to new readers.