Darth Vader Works At A Memphis Hospital! Seriously!

(PCM) So, it appears that everyone’s favorite dark overlord Darth Vader is actually working at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. That is of course, the real life Darth Vader! Yes, this man’s birth-given name is actually Darth Vader! 39-year old Darth Vader Williamson works as as surgical technician at St. Francis Hospital in Bartlett, TN, a suburb of Memphis. Maybe his parents were huge ‘Star Wars’ fans? As, Darth Vader Williamson was born less than a year after the first film was released in theaters. Well, it seems that Darth Vader’s father was a huge fan of the film, however his mother … not so much. She wanted to name him Junior, however when she was still under the affects of the anesthesia after giving birth, she agreed to the name suggested by her husband, who thought it would be pretty bad-ass. Only later did she realize what she had agreed to! We are surprised she didn’t fight to have it changed! As for Darth Vader Williamson himself, he is not much of a fan of his namesake. He claims that he has not even seen any of the films that were released in the franchise since 1983. Way to slack there, Vader! He has been working at the hospital for the past 10 years with very little attention paid to his name, however recently one of his co-workers decided to have a little fun with his name to celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ on May 4! Check out the video below and meet the real Darth Vader: