Dancing Pikachu Ambushed From Stage As Costume Begins To Deflate

(PCM) We literally can not stop giggling at this clip of a dancing Pikachu being pulled from a stage in South Korea after the costume begins to malfunction and deflate. The army of dancing Pikachu’s were performing at the Pokemon World Festival in Songdo to various radio hits when during the performance of a solo the costume of the Pikachu out in front begins to deflate. Officials then bum rush the stage and nearly tackle the malfunctioning Pikachu, eventually leading him off stage. Just watching these little Pikachu’s in costume dancing to hits from Bruno Mars and “Hairspray” is totally adorable! Just look at their little arm movements, however we were still worried about our poor little deflated guy despite the cuteness overload! The show goes on for about another three minute or so and then the deflating Pikachu is brought back out to join his comrades for the grand finale number! Fans were continuing to laugh and cheer for the Pikachu to make a trimphant return, however his comeback was short-lived as the costume began to quickly deflate once again! We seriously can not stop watching this clip, as it is just the hilarity of a bunch of dancing Pikachu’s paired with the fact that one of them is malfunctioning that makes for the perfect viral video! Check it out below (and just try to stop laughing):