Creator Of The Infamous Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Dead At Age 79


(PCM) Some find them to be artistic, while others find them to be downright tacky, but either way the infamous pink flamingo lawn ornament is an iconic piece of pop culture art history. Sadly, it has been revealed that Don Featherstone, the artist who originally created the pink flamingo lawn ornament, has passed away at the age of 79. Sources say that Featherstone passed away on Monday in an elder care facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts after a lengthy battle with Lewy body dementia. After graduating art school, Featherstone went to work for Union Products where he first developed the design for the pink flamingo lawn ornament back in 1958. He worked for the company for 43 years and eventually became company president before his much deserved retirement in 1999. Featherstone never anticipated that using molds from his clay flamingo sculptures would eventually lead to his creation becoming one of pop culture’s most instantly recognizable lawn decorations. Over the year’s Featherstone has explained the pink flamingo’s popularity saying that they were “selling people tropical elegance in a box for less than $10.” Adding, “Before that, only the wealthy could afford to have bad taste”. The pink flamingo lawn ornaments continued to be embraced by vintage collectors to this very day and Featherstone himself had dozens of his famous pieces, which he based on images seen in National Geographic Magazine, scattered throughout his own backyard. If you happen to own a pink flamingo lawn ornament and are curious if it is a Featherstone original, you can search out the artist’s signature located on the rear end of the flamingo. Our sincere condolences go out to Featherstone’s family and friends during this difficult time.