Cracker Barrel Pulls The Plug On Duck Dynasty Merchandise…Almost!


(PCM) According to, Cracker Barrel, the down-home Southern style food chain, has become one of the first sponsors to begin pulling Duck Dynasty related merchandise off their shelves. Well, not all Duck Dynasty merchandise. Right now, only products that prominently bear Phil Robertson’s face are being pulled from the shelves. The rest of of the Duck Commander merchandise can still be purchased, but somehow it only seems like a matter of time before it all ends up in the bargain bin. A spokesperson for Cracker Barrel, claims that “We operate within the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals are the core of our corporate culture.” The food chain feared that displaying products that featured Phil may offend some of the guests visiting the stores and restaurants. In other Duck Dynasty related news, sources close to the network reveal that the true reason the Phil was suspended from the show was that he revealed a blatant disrespect for the gay employees at A&E Network with his coarse comments regarding the homosexual lifestyle in the GQ interview. A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc felt that with good conscience she could not ask gay employees to slave over the production when they were disrespected by Phil calling them sinners. Although some may feel that A&E Network knew what they were getting into when they hired Phil in the first place, others feel that he just took things a step too far with the interview. Rumor has it that CEO Dubuc is now even receiving death threats over the situation. Death threats or not, it appears that A&E will not be shutting down Duck Dynasty anytime soon, as there are 4 marathons of the show planned to air during Christmas week, and Phil will still be appearing in the new episodes of the show slated to air this January. We are guessing that the almighty dollar has more to do this situation than anything else at this point.