A Complete List Of Reddit Initialisms, Acronyms And Terminology


(PCM) If you are anything like us that you have probably found yourself with a healthy addiction to the self-title front page of the internet lovingly known as Reddit. When weeding through the comments on one of our recent postings, we came upon an initialism/acronym that we didn’t recognize, as there are so very many nowadays. This got us thinking that perhaps there are others who are just as clueless when it comes to understanding a lot of Reddit speak which can be chock full of initialisms and acronyms that stand for a variety of different phrases. We have put together a complete list of some of the more common ( and less common) Reddit/online initialisms/acronyms and terms that you may see floating around in your news feeds. Please feel free to comment and add any others that you feel that we may have missed. AMA = Ask Me Anything AMAA = Ask Me Almost Anything AFAIK = As Far As I Know Cake Day = A users anniversary of joining Reddit CCW = Comment And Criticism Welcome DEA = Does Anybody/Anyone Else DIAF = Die In A Fire Difficulty Level: X = A successful feat that holds unique challenges for its’ subject Downvote = to dislike a post or comment DM ; HS = Doesn’t Matter, Had Sex ELI5 = Explain Like I’m Five ENT = a big part of r/trees part of Reddit’s pot smoking community FIFY = Fixed It For You FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster FTFY = Fixed That For You FWP = First World Problems GGG = Reference to the Good Guy Greg or Good Girl Gina meme GTFO = Get The F**k Out HIFW = How I Feel When HMB = Hold My Beer I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now = An inappropriate response to news that is not meant to be arousing IAMA = I Am A IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer IIRC = If I Recall Correctly IMO = In My Opinion IRL = In Real Life ITT = In This Thread Karma = Absolute sum of upvotes or downvotes, consists of link and comment karma karmawhore = person who is accused of posting just for karma points Lurker  = user who frequently visits Reddit but does not contribute by posting LSHMSFOAIDMT = Laugh So Hard My Sombrero Fall Off And I Drop My Taco MFW = My Face When MIC = More In Comment NSFL = Not Safe For Life NSFW = Not Safe For Work OAG = Overly Attached Girlfriend meme OC = Original Content OP = Original Poster Orangered = the term used the little red envelope that indicates a message SMH = Shaking My Head SO = Significant Other SRS= S**t Reddit Says TIL = Today I Learned TL;DR = Too Long, Didn’t Read Troll = User who does something just to get a rise out of another WIP = Work In Progress Woosh = Previous commenter didn’t get the joke and it went over their head X-Post = A link that has already been submitted to a different subreddit. YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary YSK = You Should Know YTMND= You’re The Man Now Dog