Comedian Doug Stanhope Prevents A Tragic Suicide Attempt


(PCM) Comedian Dough Stanhope was on his way back from a tour warm-up gig at the Tron in Edinburgh in Great Britain when he was able to heroically prevent a tragic suicide attempt by a man named Angus who was planning to leap to his death off the Edinburgh bridge. Stanhope tweeted an image from the scene, in which he can be seen wearing his trademark plaid suit, saying “‘Hey Angus I wish you could’ve saved me from my set last night the same way we stopped you jumping off the bridge”. When asked about the incident in true comedic fashion, Stanhope told that hero was a bit of a strong words, especially when he is planning to have it tattooed across his back and that he plans to wear tights and a cape for the remainder of his comedy tour. The man’s attempted suicide took place less than 24 hour after Stanhope arrived in Great Britain and what makes the situation all the more ironic is that Stanhope actually discusses suicide during his performances claiming that he assisted his mother with taking her own life back in 2008, as she was suffering with severe emphysema.