Colorado News Anchor Goes On A Hilarious Rant Against Snow-Covered Patio Furniture!

(PCM) At least one Colorado news anchor is sick and tired of the station being sent nothing but images of peoples backyard patio sets covered with snow every time the area gets hit with a significant storm. The anchor was Kyle Clark of 9News and he made sure to remind viewers that they reside in a state known for it’s incredible natural beauty and gorgeous snow-covered mountains. He further urges the station viewers to try harder this year! The video of the rant has since gone viral and while most people found the rant to be hilarious, some were offended and were calling for Clark to be terminated from the station. 9News is not a station that focuses on op-editorial features, however it seems that they will let this one from Clark slide by!   Check out the full video below:

Something tells us that now, Mr. Clark and the station are going to be receiving more pictures of patio set than ever before…as everyone showcases their shots of “patio prison”!