Colin Farrell Has Joined The Ranks Of Sexy Vampires

This August DreamWorks has concocted yet another blood-sucking movie to add to the vampire phenomena with yet another sexy actor as the male lead. Colin Farrell will play the fang-wearing monster in this upcoming dark comedy called Fright Night. This will be a remake of the 1985 film Fright Night with pretty much the same plot line, but a bit modernized of course. The 2011 version will star Anton Yelchin who plays a suburban teenager suspicious of his new neighbor, especially when his mother Toni Collette becomes interested in this mysterious man of the night. McLovin’ (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) plays Yelchin’s best friend, which he usually plays best. This film will join the other vampire films and shows out there that seem to continue to bring in a fan following. What is it exactly that draws the female population to these blood-sucking beasts? Is it that being in love with a vampire puts forbidden love into a whole different playing field? Maybe it is the idea of an older, experienced man who one can never figure out. Let’s face it, a man of mystery will always keep a girl on her toes. Either way this film provides females with another stone-cold fox (literally) that they can obsess about. Good thing it has a lighter tone to it than the other extremely serious flicks (hint: Twilight) out there!