CNN’s Doomsday Video Has Leaked And It’s As Creepy As You Imagined


(PCM) There has been an on-going rumor for quite some time that 24-hour news network CNN had prepared a final video that would air if we should ever be faced with Doomsday and/or the final apocalypse. The video in question has finally been unearthed and was leaked by a CNN intern. It was located in CNN’s MIRA archive file under the slightly creepy title “TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO”.  At the time of CNN’s launch, founder Ted Turner made the promise that his new 24-hour news network would not be “signing off until the world ends”. Just in case of the apocalypse he had a video made.
We’ll be on, and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event. We’ll play the National Anthem only one time, on the first of June [the day CNN launched], and when the end of the world comes, we’ll play ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ before we sign off. -Ted Turner
The unearthed video has never been seen before now and it was the requirement that the last living employee at CNN air the video when faced with an ultimate emergency. You can see the video in its’ creepy marching band glory below: