City Of Denver Has No Clue Who Is Expertly Running Their Instagram Account


(PCM) Denver, Colorado city officials are scratching their heads trying to determine who has been expertly running the “City Of Denver” Instagram account. The account is gorgeously curated with various images that showcase Denver’s picturesque skylines, local events and more, but surprisingly the city itself is not behind running the account. They have no idea who has been updating it, but they certainly feel whoever it may be, they are doing a fantastic job. The account has over 150 thousand followers and links to a website which features the city of Denver’s official logo and lists prices for advertising. It seems the account name has been held for several years now, but city officials have had absolutely no luck in unraveling the mystery of who exactly is behind the account. It was originally thought that the account was created as a prank, however the images chosen and their accompanying captions are spectacular, so it is really an huge boost for tourism in the region.  The city has not yet requested that the user give up the Instagram handle, but they do request that the account holder refrain from any further use of the city’s logo and website information.