Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper And Sally Field Unite To Empower Veterans!


(PCM) The national veteran campaign “Got Your 6” has unveiled a new PSA featuring celebrities such as Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, and Sally Field as well as others to show the faces of a new generation of veterans. “Got Your 6” works to bridge the military-civilian divide by empowering veterans as leaders in the community upon their return home. In the video Chris Pratt explains,  “Every year, a quarter million service members leave the military. Their passion for service does not end when their uniforms come off. They are resilient, they are leaders, and they’re ready to serve again.” For those that may be curious the term “Got Your 6” means “I’ve got your back” in military lingo. According to the campaign website, the term was made popular by World War I fighter pilots, who referenced a pilot’s rear as the 6 o’clock position. In celebration of Veteran’s Day, check out the all-new PSA below: