Chris Colfer From Glee Signs A Two-Book Deal

Chris Colfer who plays the lovable Kurt Hummel on Fox’s hit show Glee signed a two-book deal. Things are moving on up for this musical buff. He plays a main character for a popular TV series, just turned 21-years-old, won a Golden Globe for his role as Kurt, and can now add “author” to his resume. We should also mention that he was recently named Time’s 100 Most Influential People. The deal he signed is with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.  The first book is slated to debut in Summer 2012 and was written for children between the ages of 8 to 12. The book is entitled The Land of Stories and chronicles the adventures of two twins who enjoy a world of fairytale. As many stories written in 2011, the fairy tales are infused with a modern twist. The second book of his two-part deal will sequel The Land of Stories, but has yet to be titled. “When I was 10 years old, I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to write this book, I would jump at the chance,” Colfer tells The Hollywood Reporter. “This book has been at the core of my imagination for a long time and I’m excited and nervous to share it.” According to PopEater.Com, “it was recently announced that he’s penning a Disney Channel pilot based on the children’s book ‘The Little Leftover Witch’ by Florence Laughlin. But that’s not all. Colfer is also writing ‘Struck By Lightening,’ an independent feature film in which he would also star.” Watch out Ryan Murphy, Colfer might want to start writing and directing future Glee episodes. Let’s hope if he gets to, Kurt can deliver some major Slushie-facials to all the McKinley high jocks!