Chris Brown Vs. Drake: They Take It To The Ring

They’ve been rumored to be fighting for the heart of Rihanna for months and there’s still no 100% clear winner. So Chris Brown and Drake are doing exactly what any red blooded American/Canadian boys (in the 1840s) would do: box it out. Hollyscoop reports that after several offers for an official match, Brown and Drake have agreed to punch it out during three one-minute rounds (such babies!) in 24 oz. gloves for a charity match at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. The match is a carry over ‘grudge match’ from their brawl at the W.i.P nightclub in June. Tony Parker, who was hurt in the fight and is currently suing the club, is going to ref the match, which will go down on Saturday, September 22nd. Brown and Drake signed the contract through their reps. Drake’s rep has said that Drake is going to “End it in 2 rounds” and Brown’s rep’s only comment was that it would be a “great fight.” If you want to see them brawl, tickets go on sale this week! For more info, head over to Hollyscoop – More details to come!

photo credit Zap2It/Getty Images