Chopped off Fingers Won’t Unlock iPhone Touch ID

iphone-5s-touch-id(PCM) For all those criminals out there hoping to make a living on severed thumbs and iPhone’s are out of luck according to the creators of the revolutionary new hardware. The Touch ID sensor used in the Apple iPhone 5s was created by Validity Sensors, Inc., the worlds leading company in consumer grade biometrics. The Touch ID sensor allows the user to just press a designated finger against the home button to unlock the phone, and can also be used to authenticate iTunes and AppStore purchases. Now anytime the subject of biometrics comes up, a lot of questions and concerns immediately arise. And although the question of weather of not a severed finger can be used to access the device may seem far fetched to some, it is not without precedent. Thieves in Malaysia for example, severed a mans thumb in order to open a Mercedes S-Class that used biometric technology. Their is actually a fairly messy history when it comes to the evolving technology and how criminal’s will try to adapt. To put all of those concerned at ease, the CTO of Validity Sensors, Inc., Sebastien Taveau has publicly addressed the issue, stating:
“No one in Biometrics wants to talk about cut fingers and dead bodies, but at the end of the day we are still asked to remove the fear of consumers and make sure that they understand (a severed finger) will not work.”tech-iphone-5s-touch-id1
This information should help to eliminate some of the inherent concerns that comes with technology, and discourage anyone with criminal intentions. Although people may be vocal with their concerns, it is clearly not effecting sales. In fact Apple announced recording breaking numbers, selling 9 million iPhone’s in just 3 days.