Chase Customers Get Exclusive Access at Outside Lands

Are you going to the 2010 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival this weekend in San Francisco, California? If you are, you’re lucky! But if you’re a Chase customer, you’re about to get luckier… Chase is unveiling its Freedom Lounge at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival! The Lounge offers customers a special place to hang out and is equipped with tons of cool things, including live broadcasts from headlining acts, free laptops with WiFi access, charging areas for mobile devices, private wine tastings with featured local wineries, locally designed artwork, and refreshments. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to sign up for a Chase credit or debit card ASAP, there’s more:  The Lounge is inviting customers to exclusive performances with Janelle Monae and Langhorne Slim. In addition, Monae is scheduled to participate in a special presentation with the San Francisco Parks Trust. Chase Freedom is providing financial support to the organization to help offset the festival’s environmental impact on Golden Gate Park. The Freedom Lounge is located on Speedway Meadow closest to Wine Lands. Seriously though — how cool does this sound?! PCM will be in the Lounge for sure…will we see any of your faces in the crowd?