Charlie Sheen’s Car Trouble

For the second time in four months Charlie Sheen’s car has been found at the bottom of a ravine near his Sherman Oaks home. The police received a call that a car was seen driving over a cliff early this morning. After investigating, they matched the license plate of the Mercedes Benz to the actor.¬† Sheen was found at home and no one was hurt in the accident. “The owner of the vehicle didn’t realize his car was missing,” says L.A. Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Peter Benesch. “We’re making the assumption the car was stolen. The keys were found in the vehicle and it was pushed over the side of a hill.” In February, Sheen reported his car stolen after leaving the keys to the Mercedes¬† in the car. It was found upside down at the bottom of a cliff near his home. At the moment police do not have an suspects for either incident.