Chace Crawford Moonwalks Out Of Footloose

The Gossip Girl heart throb, Chace Crawford, will no longer be starring in the remake of the ’80s film, Footloose. According to, the actor’s Gossip Girl schedule interferes with the production of the movie, so it is partially to blame. However, he has not yet given an official reason for his departure. This is not the first actor who has respectfully walked away from the role, Zac Efron did the same. Efron wanted to diversify his parts and tried to stay away from anymore musicals. High School Musical director, producer and choreographer, Kenny Ortega, also stepped off the dance floor. At least beauty Julianne Hough is still part of the project, but who will be her Kevin Bacon? Why does no one want to be loose, footloose and kick off their Sunday shoes?