Celebrity Magnet Losing His Powers?

Tom Murro officially started his career as the Celebrity Magnet when he met the President in September, 2009. Over the past few months, he has learned that his Celebrity magnet powers are weakened when he is further away from his targeted celebrity, and he is asking for YOUR help in getting this picture, signed by Yogi, to President Obama. Yogi still claims that Jackie Robinson was out, and even wants to tell President Barack Obama on the signed photograph that PCM’s Tom Murro (The Celebrity Magnet) is trying to get to 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C. as a gift for our 44th President. The picture is obstructed at the moment that the picture was taken at game one of the 1955 World Series, by Sports Illustrated’s Mark Kauffman, but the ref’s call trumped the claim from Mr. Berra. The ‘55 World Series matched the Brooklyn Dodgers against the New York Yankees, with the Dodgers winning the Series in seven games to capture their first championship in franchise history. It was the only Series the Dodgers won in Brooklyn, since they relocated to Los Angeles after the 1957 season. The last time the Brooklyn MLB team had won a World Championship was in 1900. Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers was declared safe after stealing home against Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees during World Series opening game at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 28 1955. Do you have a way to contact the Commander-in-Chief? If so, tell him there is an authentic piece of baseball history, with his name on it, just waiting to be framed and put up on the well, complimets of the Celebrity Magnet. The CelebrityMagnet