Celebrities Liam Neeson, Rebel Wilson And More Audition To Become The New Voice For Stephen Hawking!

(PCM) For the past 30 years renowned astro-physicist Stephen Hawking has used the same robotic voice to communicate, it is so recognizable that it has almost become a staple of pop culture. Hawking has had many opportunities over the years to change the tone, inflection and accent of the robotic voice but has always declined. He has been using the same American-accented robotic voice since 1986, which was the year he created his “Equalizer” computer program that was able to allow him to communicate. In a hilarious new short-film from Comic Relief various celebrities such as Liam Neeson, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Lin-Manuel Miranda audition for a chance to become the new speaking voice for Hawking, who may be finally ready to update his computer system after so many years. The celebrities compete hard for such an honor and we think you are really going to love the choice that Hawking makes in the end!  Check it out below: