Celebrate National Grandparents Day!


(PCM) Be sure to take some time out of your day to spend a little time with your grandparents, but throughout the entire year. Even if it is just a phone call to check in and say “I love you” it will certainly be remembered and cherished. The idea for Grandparents Day was born in 1970 by Marian McQuade who started a campaign for a special day of recognition especially for grandparents. It was first proclaimed as a holiday in 1973 and was later officially established when President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation in 1978 that stated the first Sunday after Labor Day would be used to observe Grandparents Day. There are quite a few other ways to celebrate Grandparents Day, in addition to, of course, spending time with your grandparents on this day. Many people are changing their Facebook profile picture to feature one with their grandparents or grandchildren, they are also using the hashtag #GrandparentsDay or #DoSomethingGrand to share with others the way that they are spending the day and to bring about more awareness to the holiday. A few activities that can be done together include spending some time getting to know your grandparents by asking questions about what it was like for them growing up and the ways in which society has changed. You can also do things like cook a meal or bake together, sort through old boxed and photo albums together, record video/audio messages to one another if you are living far away, start putting together a family or even volunteer together at a local soup kitchen or shelter. The forget-me-not is the official flower of Grandparent Day, so perhaps even planting a small garden could be a fun way to celebrate the day! Additional ideas can be found by visiting the official Grandparents Day website, as well.