Celebrate Be Late For Something Day!


(PCM) Thanks to the Procrastinators Club of America we can all take an extra few moments to celebrate Be Late For Something Day which is celebrated each year on September 5th. While, not “officially” recognized, Be Late For Something Day is still viewed as an “unofficial” national holiday and is used to celebrate some of the more positive aspects of procrastination. The holiday urges us to take a few extra minutes and not worry about getting to our next appointment or next errand to run, but spend more time doing the things that we enjoy such as spending time with family and friends or just staying in bed to rest for an extra few moments.  On Be Late From Something Day try to put the daily grind of your schedule out of your mind and intentionally be a little bit late for something. Will it be the end of the world … probably not and you will find that spending a few of the precious extra minutes on yourself can truly be quite therapeutic. If you are like us then you probably celebrate Be Late From Something Day a little more often that you should, but they didn’t coin the term “fashionably late” for no reason, so if only for today, enjoy it for what it’s worth!