Casey Anthony Rejects Interviews In Search Of Mental Help

Maybe-murderous mom Casey Anthony, 25, is thankfully putting her mental health before her exploitative monetary hunt. After she was acquitted of manslaughter against society’s wishes, a slew of highly controversial interviews with America’s most hated mother would have been the media’s pie in the sky. So surely, Anthony brought the hungry press down from the clouds this weekend when she declared she would not be telling her story to any sources, but instead she would take the time to heal her wacky head. Dealing with the death of her deceased little girl, the courtroom-certified pathological liar plans to shy ABC, CBS and NBC for a date with the shrink. Sources closest to Anthony say that there are three main reasons behind her decision to choose treatment with mental health professionals over story time with the media. First, Casey now realizes that her questionable behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 stemmed from, “obvious mental health issues.” Next, she still needs assistance coping with the “obvious trauma of losing her child.” Lastly,¬† spending three years and 23 hours per day in a 4×9 foot jail cell (in solitary confinement while on the chopping block for murder), “messed with her head.” Anthony’s now infamous attorney, Jose Baez will continue to sift through and negotiate all of the nut job’s press proposals so that she can step up to the plate once she is well. All enraged Anthony onlookers¬† will be pleased that instead of further exploiting baby Caylee’s death in the name of money and the media, she’ll be seeking a clinician’s cure. Besides, when the partially mended mental case steps in front of a camera in due time, who knows what she’ll let slip.