Careless Facebook Post Causes An Arizona Man To Lose Super Bowl Credential


(PCM) An Arizona man by the name of Russ Knight was so excited after landing his dream job of working the upcoming Super Bowl, as an assistant frequency coordinator, that he felt the need to share his excitement with the rest of the world. Right after Knight was issued his working credential for the big game, he promptly posted an image of himself wearing the credential and giving a thumbs up on his Facebook page. A few hours after he had posted the photo he received a call from NFL security that informed he had broken security protocol by posting an image of the credential online and he would no longer be allowed to work the Super Bowl. It seems that Knight failed to read the fine print on the back of his credential that strictly prohibits the pass from being posted online for security reasons. It is to keep anyone from being able to duplicate the pass. The NFL security informed Knight that they were able to easily zoom in on his photo and read the badge identification number. Knight told the local news that he does not blame anyone but himself and that he feels very foolish for failing to read the fine print. He has since issued an apology letter to the NFL for the mistake. He still plans to watch the game, just unfortunately not from the stadium.