Canadians Will Get A Taste Of The Taco Bell Breakfast Menu If They Take Justin Bieber Back!

Taco-Bell2(PCM) I am sure you have all heard by now that Taco Bell has finally unveiled their new breakfast menu here in The States. So, far the highly anticipated new breakfast items have been a huge hit and the company has been receiving a ton of positive press. To keep the steam going on the new launch, Taco Bell president Brian Niccol hopped on Reddit to take part in a AMA (ask me anything) about the new menu choices and more. There were a ton of interesting questions, but one in particular really stood out. When asked if the new breakfast menu was only available in America and when it would be coming to Canada, Niccol’s hilariously responded ““When you take Justin Bieber back.” Ouch! Burn!!  Snark points for Brian Niccol!