Canada’s Own “Jersey Shore”

Canadian TV has developed Lake Shore with eight young people in Toronto, capitalizing on Jersey Shore trend. Lake Shore‘s producer, Maryam Rahimi, said she wanted to create something “unique,” something that captured “Canadian multiculturalism.” Though the series does not yet have a network, it’s already causing a stir, causing the shows website to crash. Lake Shore, represent the different ethnic classes that live there, they have labeled their cast members ‘The Turk’, ‘The Italian’, the Czech’ and so on. Here’s the cast. Sibel – The Turk (she hates everyone, but insists she is not a racist.) Joey – The Italian (refers to himself as the No.1.) Anni Mei – The Vietnamese Tommy Hollywood – The Czech Robyn – The Jew Salem – The Lebanese – Karolina – The Pole Downtown D – he gets his name because he is ‘always downtown, Friday, Saturday, Thursday maybe and Sunday possibly’