Do You Care About Equestrian Olympic Events? You Will After Watching This Video!


(PCM) Plenty of us are tuned in watching the 2016 Rio Olympic Games with popular sports being swimming, gymnastics and track and field, but what about the love for Olympic equestrian sports/competitions? Probably overlooked that one, right?  Well, after watching the bizarre video below that aims to amp up the excitement level for equestrian sport, you just might want to start tuning in … well, maybe not …

If you ever had a curiosity about learning the in’s and out’s of equestrian competition the video surely does feature it all complete with crazy horse-headed people, dancing and a wild 80’s soundtrack. The events featured are: Equestrian Dressage, Equestrian Eventing, and Equestrian Jumping. Right, we don’t really know, either! Perhaps if watching equestrian events at the Olympic Games was anything even close to the video, it might actually be worth tuning in!