The Campaign For Giant Meteor Brings New Inspiration To The Upcoming Election


(PCM) Still on the fence about which candidate will get your vote in the upcoming election this November? This new campaign for Giant Meteor could possibly provide some much needed inspiration. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have created such a spectacle this election season that it has almost become satire and they are quite possibly the two most unpopular presidential nominees in history. Could Giant Meteor come and save us all? American’s are in search of a more qualified third-party candidate and it is pretty sad that a huge chunk of flying space debris that could literally knock out the human race is looking more and more like a viable option! The Giant Meteor campaign has been generating a ton of buzz online when t-shits and bumper stickers became available, but now there is even a campaign advertisement encouraging voters to give Giant Meteor a chance. Check it out below:

Remember to get out there and vote on November 8 and don’t forget Giant Meteor is always an option if you are feeling frustrated at the polls!