Who Would You Call? Bieber-Gomez or the 2012 Olympic Swim Team!

(PCM) Carly Rae Jepsen you have done it again! The 26-year-old Canadian recording artist has put out quite the blockbuster this year with her smash hit, “Call Me Maybe.” Not only does it play on the top pop stations for every other song, but major celebrities are joining in on the madness too. Similar to a vampire series, this song as taken over! It all started back when Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and Justin Bieber put out their video for the song. Not knowing who Jepsen was yet, I actually got confused on who the singer was for this song. I actually thought it was something that the three stars had produced. Little did I know they were just having some fun, goofing off and lip-syncing to Jepsen’s playful masterpiece. Fast forward months later, and now you have an Olympic team doing the same thing? I think this video is definitely more elaborate than the Bieber-Gomez original. This is also so impressive that the 2012 USA Olympic swim team not only knows this song and enjoys this song, but they made an entire YouTube video about it. After viewing both videos, which one do you declare as your favorite Call Me Maybe rendition? And, which one do you wish you were in?