California Condom Controversy?

Various and diverse issues seem to find their way onto California ballots. The June 2012 presidential primary ballot will be no different, when Los Angeles residents will be asked to weigh in as to whether porn actors should be required to wear condoms. America’s 2nd largest city is home to the multibillion dollar U.S. porn industry, which health advocates say is riddled with STDs. “There are thousands of STD’s in this industry,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The group gathered over 71,000 signatures, well over the 41,000 needed to get the issue on the ballot. Some in the industry have argued that using the latex would take away the fantasy appeal of their product. It could also force the adult companies out of the city, state or underground, making it even less safe for performers. Only time will tell whether LA voters will endorse safer sex in the blue movies.