Bye Bye Ronald McDonald

For years Ronald McDonald has gone under fire for subconsciously manipulating the minds of children. From brilliantly red wigs to hugely opposing shoes, Ronald entices children from all corners of the world. Currently protests against the use of the clown as the mascot for McDonalds has been put under scrutiny. There is even a campaign to advocate Ronald’s retirement, Reasons for letting the Red Mister go is due to the constant cries from children to indulge in the obviously unhealthy food options. The American diet is shifting from fast and easy, (considering our bulging waistlines), to natural and organic. Parents from all parts of the nation are joining together to end clown tyranny and aid in choosing better foods. Although the campaign is gaining popularity, backlash against the campaign has risen. Some state that it is up to the parents to make decisions of what their children eat regardless of the influence of the red clown. There is also concern over the rights of Mcdonalds, where Ronald is an important thread of the historical development of the global franchise. Whether the retirement of Ronald Mcdonald is successful in teaching children to make healthier food choices, the overly enthusiastic and hip clown will be missed in generations to come.