Burger King Unleashes The Most Metal Burger In The World!


(PCM) At least that is first thing that comes to mind when hearing about the news that Burger King is releasing an all black burger. It features a black bun, black pepper meat patty and black cheese, however it will only be available in Japan. The burger is named the Kuro Burger and if you are curious about just how they managed to make the all black burger edible, we learned that both the bun and the cheese are made with bamboo charcoal, a staple in Japanese cuisine and the meat itself is darkened using an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink, which is commonly used for cooking, food color, and flavoring. There will be two versions of the Kuro available for a limited time, the Pearl and the Diamond. The Pearl will be the all black burger with ingredients previously mentioned and The Diamond will include lettuce, tomato and onion which add a bit of color, but doesn’t that kind of ruin the overall aesthetic. Again the Burger King Kuro sandwich is only offered in Japan and for a limited time and we are left wondering why Japan always gets all the cool stuff! ┬áRock on with your metal selves Burger King and bring this to the States! Would you try it?