Buffy Castmate In Drunken Slayfest

Nicholas Brendon who played Xander Harris on Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer, had a drunken run in with the police. Officers in Venice, Calif. were informed of a drunken man causing some trouble, little did they know they would be dealing with an actor of a once-hit TV show. Brendon allegedly took a few swings at the officers. Xander on the show was no fighter, and neither was he here, he completely missed the cops and chose to make a runaway attempt. As he tried to flee the scene, he dropped after the police tasered him. He was then booked on felony vandalism charges for supposedly damaging some property during the event. I guess he was negatively influenced by all the years of shadowing Buffy kick some vampire butt! Someone should have told him cops, unlike vampires, carry tasers… plus they could bring you to jail!