Budweiser Unveils An Emotional New Responsible Drinking Commercial


(PCM) Budweiser has certainly discovered to pull at your heartstrings with the release of the company’s latest commercial aimed to promote responsible drinking. The new commercial which has been viewed nearly 16 million times on YouTube, features a young man and his puppy growing up and experiencing life together. At the end of the commercial the puppy had reached his adult years and the young man is shown heading out of the house with a group of his friends carrying a case of Budweiser, leaving the dog behind at home to await his return saying “I’ll be home later”. The screen goes black and the words “For some the waiting never ended” appear on the screen, leaving the viewer to wonder if the owner ever made it back home. In this case, the commercial ends on a happy note with the owner returning home to reunite with his beloved pet, saying that he decided to stay the night at his friends because he didn’t want to drive under the influence. The commercial definitely does a fantastic job of relaying the message of responsible drinking and certainly leaves you on the edge of your seat for a few seconds wondering about the young mans fate. Check it out below: